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TED Prize 2012: Crowdsourcing “City 2.0”

Today, TED announced the winner of the 2012 TED Prize: the City 2.0. Breaking from their tradition of recognizing an individual global innovator, TED is embracing the concept of crowd-sourcing urbanism (an idea we obviously support at Open Source Cities). The organizers published this call-to-arms in seeking ideas on the City 2.0:

"The City 2.0 is the city of the future … a future in which more than 10 billion people on planet Earth must somehow live sustainably, together. The City 2.0 is not a sterile utopian dream, but a real-world upgrade tapping into humanity’s collective wisdom. The City 2.0 promotes innovation, education, culture and economic opportunity. The City 2.0 reduces the carbon footprint of its occupants and eases the environmental pressure on the world’s rural areas. The City 2.0 is a place of beauty, wonder, excitement, inclusion, diversity, life. The City 2.0 is the city that works."

There are a number of provocative assumptions in this paragraph that should make for interesting dialogue in the months ahead leading up to the TED Conference in Long Beach, CA and its sister event TEDActive in Palm Springs, CA. You can share your ideas on the City 2.0 with the TED Community here. We look forward to the conversation!


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